John 3:1-8 “You Must be What Now?”
John 2:23-25 “Your Heart is Known”
John 2:13-22 “What, and Who is the Temple?”
John 2:1-12 “The Hour That Changed Everything”
John 2:1-12 “Water to Wine”
John 1:43-51 “When the Man Comes Around, Part 2”
John 1:35-42 “When the Man Comes Around”
John 1:29-34 “Behold… The Lamb”
John 1:19-28 “The First Testimony”
John 1:14-18 (Part 2) “Dwelt Among Us?”
John 1:14-18 “He Did What Now?”
John 1:9-13 “Rejected or Received?”
John 1:4-9 “Where is Your Life and Light in the Darkness?”
John 1:1-3 “The Power of the Word”
John 1:1-18 “In The Beginning”

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