John 11 “The Story of Lazarus, Part 2″
John 11 “Lazarus, Part 1″
John 10:31-42 “The Thing Jesus’ Opponents Don’t Want To Talk About”
John 10:22-30 “Jesus Goes All The Way”
John 10:15-21 “What Lengths Will Jesus Go To?”
John 10:7-14 “A Door and A Shepherd?”
John 10:1-6 “A Worthy Shepherd”
John 9 “Sight for the Blind, and Blindness for Those Who See”
John 9:1-7 “I Once Was Blind…”
John 8-48-59 “An Amazing Claim by Jesus!”
John 8-39-47 “Why We Desperately Need a Resurrection”
John 8-31-38 “Who Are Truly Jesus’ Disciples?”
John 8:12-30 “Will You Die In Your Sin?”
John 7:53-11 “A Story About Jesus”
John 7:40-53 “Disagreements, Division, and Jesus”
John 7:37-39
John 7_32-36 “Why Can’t They Find Jesus”
John 7:25-31 “What Do You Really Expect From Jesus”
John 7:10-24 “How to Judge With Right Judgment”
John 7:1-9 “Loved or Hated? Jesus’ Relationship to The World”
John 6:60-65 “Unless the Father Grants It”
John 6:35-59 “So Earthly Minded They’re No Heavenly Good, Part 2”
John 6:22-29 “So Earthly Minded They’re No Heavenly Good, Part 1”
John 6:16-21 “It Is I; do not be afraid”
John 6:1-15 “The Generous King
John 5:37-47 “The Father And Son A New and Better Covenant”
John 5:30-36 “The Father and Son: The Father’s Plan”
John 5:24-29 “Father and Son: Life and Judgment”
John 5:19-24 “A Glorious Relationship”
John 5:1-18 “Jesus Invites Confrontation ”
John 4:46-54 “A Desperate Plea To Jesus”
John 4:43-45 “Welcoming the Real Jesus”
John 4:39-42 “The Savior of the World has an Agenda, Part 4”
John 4 “Sticking To Jesus’ Agenda In A Culture of Division, Part 3”
John 4:16-26 “Sticking To Jesus’ Agenda In A Culture of Division, Part 2”
John 4 “Sticking To Jesus’ Agenda In A Culture of Division, Part 1”
John 3:31-36 “Why Must Jesus Increase?”
John 3:22-30 “Your Heroes Must Decrease?”
John 3:19-21 “Loving Darkness or Seeking Light?”
John 3:16-18 “Life or Death?”
John 3:14-15 “Look to Jesus”
John 3:9-15 “We Need More Than a Rabbi”
John 3:1-8 “You Must be What Now?”
John 2:23-25 “Your Heart is Known”
John 2:13-22 “What, and Who is the Temple?”
John 2:1-12 “The Hour That Changed Everything”
John 2:1-12 “Water to Wine”
John 1:43-51 “When the Man Comes Around, Part 2”
John 1:35-42 “When the Man Comes Around”
John 1:29-34 “Behold… The Lamb”
John 1:19-28 “The First Testimony”
John 1:14-18 (Part 2) “Dwelt Among Us?”
John 1:14-18 “He Did What Now?”
John 1:9-13 “Rejected or Received?”
John 1:4-9 “Where is Your Life and Light in the Darkness?”
John 1:1-3 “The Power of the Word”
John 1:1-18 “In The Beginning”

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