Announcements for 12/19

For Our Kiddos!

Just a reminder to be respectful of Spring Hill Middle School’s facilities, and not get on stage, wander the halls, or look in classrooms or lockers. Please stay around the auditorium or, after service, you can be in the gym.


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far! If you’d like to volunteer to help, you can do so here-

Volunteers for Children’s Classes

We’ve got some really exciting hopes and plans for our children in the coming months, and are thankful for everyone who has volunteered. That said, we are only going to allow members of Grace Fellowship to work with the kids…

Did Someone Mention Church Membership??

Yes, they did! We are going to have a membership class on the last three Sundays of January (the 16th, 23rd, and 30th). It will be in the library at Spring Hill Middle School at 9 am. After taking the class, the next step in membership is to meet with a couple elders and then be recommended to the church. If you have any questions, email

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