Our Fellowship is intentional, and dependent on the Spirit. Fellowship is sharing life together, building one another up, and bearing one another’s burdens. It is speaking truth to each other, and hearing truth from each other with joy and humility. Find out how you can get involved here.

The word fellowship in the New Testament (as in Acts 2:42) is a translation of the Greek word koinonia. At its root koinonia describes two or more people in close association and often speaks of these people as sharing in something, such as a marriage or business. Christian koinonia exists between everyone who knows God through Jesus Christ (see 1 John 1:3). But as normal as such fellowship should be to those who know Christ, if we don’t cultivate it, koinonia gets choked out of our conversations by the weeds of words about other things. Read on for Donald Whitney’s 10 questions to cultivate fellowship.

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