Location Update

Hey Church, 

First, thank you so much to everyone for your support and patience during our “nomadic” phase of church planting! The prayer and encouragement has been so helpful. It’s also been a good reminder that we ought to pour ourselves into what a church truly should be- a fellowship, and not a building.

The Highlights: 

  • Starting Sunday, February 6, we are going to meet at Concordia Arts Academy (4615 Thompsons Ridge Rd, Thompsons Station, TN 37179). We plan to meet there for at least this Spring into Summer. 

The Details, and What We’re Working On: 

So, we realized that meeting at SHMS just wasn’t going to work because of how difficult it was to find a site supervisor. Quite frankly, we were spending a crazy amount of time each week on this, and were willing to pay above and beyond what the school required but still couldn’t find someone. So even though the school had a lot going for it, the Lord just wasn’t letting it happen. We knew going in that maintaining a site supervisor would be a concern, but we were hopeful that it would work out. Alas. 

Concordia Arts Academy doesn’t require a site supervisor, and also has space for meeting and a nursery too! So unlike the school, which fell through despite our hopes, there should be more stability at Concordia. We initially chose SHMS because it was cheaper, and because it was further south. Full disclosure: our ideal location would be between the Maury County line and North Columbia, so Concordia is north of where we’d ultimately like to be, but so far it’s what we’ve found that’s available and has the space we require. It does stretch our budget, but the Lord has provided for us and we pray He continues!

Deer Run has been so kind to let us be there when it’s available, but we also realize it’s not feasible for a weekly meeting place anymore because we’ve outgrown most of their meeting spaces, and it doesn’t have the extra rooms we’d like to have. So, we’re very thankful for the opportunity to use Concordia right now! 

While we meet at Concordia, we are still actively looking at properties. There’s basically two things we are looking for. We are looking for places to rent that can hold 100+ people as well as at least one extra room for nursery. We are also looking for actual places we could purchase. If we were going to purchase a property, it would need to be somewhere that we could start meeting in very quickly after purchase (even if we had to be creative) because we couldn’t afford to both purchase and continue renting elsewhere. So, if you have any ideas, you’re welcome to send them to us!

I praise God for you all, and for the opportunity He has given us to practice fellowship together right now! 


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