Prayer for the Westerbecks

Hey Everyone, 

So many of you have voiced your love and concern for the Westerbecks as they prepare to go next Thursday for Hannah’s C-Section. Someone had the great idea of making sure that people are praying for them all day that day, and we’ve come up with a way to help us be intentional in our commitment to pray for them! 

Below is a link to a sign up sheet where you can sign up to pray during a specific hour on Thursday. You don’t have to pray the whole hour long, but you’re committing to stop at some point during that hour and pray for them. We’d love to see EVERY HOUR covered so check out those early morning and late night hours! If you’d like more explanation, you can watch the video from Pastor Kevin!

Here’s a link to the sign up form:

Hannah has given us a list of specific prayer requests that they’d like for us to be praying about:

• That our Father in heaven would bless and keep our baby girls, Josie and Luella. That his hand of love would be upon them every moment.

• To lessen their pain and discomfort.

• For wisdom. For the right focus of our hearts and minds. Wisdom in moments when we don’t know what to say or what to pray.

• That their would be happy moments. That we could enjoy the time together as a family. That, even through the heaviness on our hearts, we can celebrate their lives and the blessing that they are—both in leading up to the day and on the day they’re born.

• Pray that the Lord would hand pick all of our doctors, nurses, and other staff that we will come in contact with. Pray the He would orchestrate this in a way that far exceeds what we could orchestrate on our own

• Pray that if our time with the twins is very brief that they would hang on long enough for Hannah to finish surgery and be able to hold them.

• Pray that our family would be able to meet the girls. That the weather would not impede their travel, that no one would become ill. Pray that the Lord would work abundantly beyond our expectations in any family dynamics that may arise and use this situation for the salvation of unbelieving family members

• Pray that we would have a spirit of peace and not be fearful. When we are tempted to fear or despair, pray that Scripture would be at the forefront of our minds. Pray that the Holy Spirit would intercede for us when we don’t know how to pray. Let the peace of Christ be so evident in us that everyone who comes in contact with us would have no other explanation for our peace, hope and joy other than Christ in us. 

• Pray that the Lord works out all the medical details of the c-section. This is not a routine procedure and there are some risks. Pray that the Lord would give Hannah’s doctors wisdom, that she can skillfully and safely deliver the girls. Pray that the tissue damage to Hannah’s body would be minimal and that she would tolerate the procedure well. Pray that the girls would be in a good position, the best position, to allow for a safe delivery. 

• Pray that God would use this situation for His glory and that we would be willing instruments in His hands. We’re not sure if God wills for this to be the greatest loss or the greatest miracle we have ever experienced. But we do know the He goes before us and He has prepared the way. As we hold our girls and their lives with an open hand, knowing the Lord loves them and knows them even more intimately than we do, we still ask that the Lord would work a miracle, that He would give them abundant life. We know He can, but we also know the His ways our not our own and His plans are not ours.

Thank you in advance for everyone’s love and prayers. 

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